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The #1 spot for basketball coaches to grow their knowledge, expand their network, and much more!

About Us

What is Basketball Coaching Tools?

Basketball Coaching Tools is a private community made exclusively for basketball coaches that want to expand their coaching by utilizing downloadable resources, time-saving apps, and most importantly, joining a community of fellow basketball coaches that are passionate about the game. Request to join above!

Why Join?

  • Access to hundreds of coaching resources covering all aspects of the game. These include resources from coaches like Brad Stevens, Billy Donovan, Jay Wright, and Roy Williams. 
  • A community of your peers in the one and only network like this one! This is a social network for basketball coaches only! You can share your own posts, interact with other coaches, discuss challenges and triumphs, and ultimately give and receive support with other basketball coaches!
  • An app to save you hours of time creating practice plans and scouting reports! This one-of-a-kind app is built specifically for basketball coaches to save time with tedious tasks like practice planning & building scouting reports.
  • Exclusive courses that teach things like how to deal with parents, building your program philosophy, and much more!
  • Exciting features like 'Coaching Profiles', 'Win Wednesdays', group video calls, and more!
  • Anywhere access with the ability to get on the network from your desktop or via our app!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the membership cost?

The basketball coaching tools membership is $11.99/month, or less than $0.35 per day.

What can I expect from this membership? 

You can expect to enhance your coaching and learn from other coaches that are in your same shoes! The best part about this membership? There are so many plays, strategies, and concepts that there's no way you could ever use all of it! You can find drills and ideas that suit what your team needs! 

Can I cancel at any time? 

Yes! We're confident that you will love your membership so much that cancelling won't even cross your mind. 

Why a membership?

You can go to all of the other basketball sites and buy countless DVDs for $50-$60 a piece, and they only teach you one aspect of the game. With our membership, you get a well-rounded curriculum that is constantly updated. It's way better than a standalone video.

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